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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Passion revived

Not sure if anyone remembered this, but there was a clothing brand/line called 'Passion'. It caters to the more voluptous women, ranging from sizes 12-22 i think and I used to be a regular patron in my local Passion corner. The lady there knows me well and of my style. I guess there is where I fell hook, line, sinker.

Anyway, this brand no longer displays in any of the Jaya Jusco outlets and I have since turned to other brands for clothings. But I reckon, the familiarity sparked the shopaholic in me.

But this time, the passion's for shoes.

I have flat feet and they are size 9 (UK 40)-sometimes they fit size 8, well, depending on the cut. And it was a nightmare for me when it comes to shoe-shopping during Chinese New Year as sizes were fast depleting and those available, let's say that no woman( or man) should punish themselves in that way.

About a year ago, as I was strolling (more like trolling..LOL)Isetan KLCC, I found myself in the shoe section, in particular, in 'Pedal Works' corner. I was drawn in by their design and massage like soles so there I was, trying on a pair of purple heels. Then....


My feet fell in love for the very very first time! Those massage soles I was telling you about? Oh my goodness, they are indeed massage soles and let me tell you, taking steps in those shoes felt so heavenly as the force just bounces off and you'll feel like walking on air.

I bought it straight off and it became a long time love affair for me. I love not only the shoes, but the sales girl there! She's so awesome and always manages to suck me into buying another pair.

Prices range from RM 89-119, but this is one indulgence I'd never come to regret or skimp on.

Up till today, I have about 6-8 pairs of Pedal Works wonderful shoes and I'm looking to buy more...(especially now as their new collection is so awesomely beautiful!)

If you have flat feet like me and looking for stylish yet comfortable footwear, I highly recommend Pedal Works! They have a loyalty card of some sort and you'd get to enjoy benefits from them. Plus, the card's valid for 2 WHOLE years!

So, whatcha waiting for? Head on to Isetan( I think it's available in KLCC and in The Gardens) and to Subang Parade (their HQ)and get pedal-ling away!

For more info, check out their website (but it's under construction still) or to Emma gem to see another write up ad pictures :)
If you're in Singapore, check out this for more info on the collection and outlets.

P/s: I'll post up mine when I get the camera back!

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